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An Ode to Indole: Keiko Mecheri’s Tuberose

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to intrigue me in perfume, it’s tuberose, and if there’s another thing that’s guaranteed to intrigue me, it’s strange or unconventional notes, so on the odd occasions when a fragrance embraces tuberose’s indolic side, we have a perfume twofer I simply must smell. Keiko Mecheri’s Tuberose is a fine example of this principle in action.…

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Here’s an Interview Where Joan Collins Has a New Perfume and No F***s to Give About the Last Few Seasons of Dynasty

In the spirit of Throwback Thursdays, I thought I’d post this old Entertainment Tonight interview I found with Joan Collins promoting her (then) new fragrance, Spectacular. I already knew that she was the face of Revlon’s Scoundrel, but vintage bottles of Scoundrel are stupid expensive for being what’s basically a drugstore fragrance blessed by royalty, plus Spectacular has notes of tuberose,…

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This Opium Commercial Was Directed by David Lynch, But Please Don’t Get Too Excited

Since I love hyperbole almost as much as I love perfume, I always get a thrill whenever I read someone on the interment complain that Opium has been RUINED, that the current formulation is but a disgraced slut next to the high courtesan of the past. Having only known–and loved–the most recent iteration, my mind can’t help but wander and wonder…

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NSFW, or Not Spritz-able For Work: A Running List of Perfumes Too Fragrant for My Scent-Sensitive Coworker

Since wearing perfumes constantly and blogging about them infrequently doesn’t exactly pay the bills, I spend my working hours like so many modern career girls do: in a cubicle! Mine’s plus-sized, though, and I share it with a coworker with whom I get along splendidly, even if our noses are a veritable odd couple. Mine has an insatiable hunger for…

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On Ash Wednesdays, We Talk About Elizabeth Taylor

If you’re anything like me, on Wednesdays, you wear pink, and on Ash Wednesdays, you wear pink while making proclamations about doing something bold, like giving up pizza, which in execution is a half week’s worth of success before you’re off the wagon. Then, whenever anybody asks how it’s going, you find yourself checking your breath to make sure it…

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