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Fetch Your Fainting Chaises and Clutch Your Pearls: A New Edition of Perfumes: The Guide Is Upon Us

Since I first started getting into fragrances, there are few things that have consistently brought me as much joy as Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez’s seminal work from 2008,┬áPerfumes: The Guide. It’s served me as a invaluable point of reference while researching new perfumes to add to my collection, an easy-to-pick-up casual read (pick a page, any will do!), and…

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The Xtina-Mas Perfume Advent Calendar Begins Tomorrow!

Grab the dirrtiest chaps you own and gird your loins for impending crotch burn, ladies and gentlemen. I have a vision, a yin-yang fascination with and suspicion of celebrity fragrances, and two weeks off of work, so in honor of the holidays and in celebration of Christina Aguilera, I’m thrilled to announce Ode de Parfum’s Xtina-mas Perfume Advent Calendar! Yes,…

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