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In Honor of the Royal Wedding This Weekend, Let’s Rank the Penhaligon’s Fragrances I Own

Every time there’s a royal wedding, I forget how much I don’t really care for royal weddings just long enough to be convinced I should pay attention. In my mind, royal weddings should be occasions for once-in-a-lifetime fantasy eleganza, so I want a church full of rich people flaunting their wealth in front of the rest of us peasants, not…

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I’d Love to Talk About Serge Lutens’s Cèdre If I Could Ever Stop Thinking About Its Terrible Packaging

Early last fall when I was first dipping my toes into the horizonless ocean of perfume obsession, I asked my Facebook friends for fragrance suggestions. One of the responses I got was from a guy I had a crush on in college, and he suggested I look into Serge Lutens’s line. I was obviously touched that senpai finally noticed me, despite it…

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This Opium Commercial Was Directed by David Lynch, But Please Don’t Get Too Excited

Since I love hyperbole almost as much as I love perfume, I always get a thrill whenever I read someone on the interment complain that Opium has been RUINED, that the current formulation is but a disgraced slut next to the high courtesan of the past. Having only known–and loved–the most recent iteration, my mind can’t help but wander and wonder…

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