Holy Shit!: We’re Putting Children in F*cking Cages! Is a Signature Scent for the Times We Live In

Today’s scent of the day is Holy Sh*t!: We’re Putting Children in F*cking Cages!, and it’s a signature scent for the times that we live in. It opens with a sh*t accord so holy it’s holier than thou, cultivated from the dung of elephants fed a strict, conservative diet of cherry-picked, misinterpreted Bible quotes and a morally bankrupt Kit Kat knockoff call Double Standards. Heart notes include The Total Absence of Basic Human Decency, America’s Festering Boil of Centuries-Old Bigotry, and We’ve Had Millenia to Learn How to Treat Each Other Better But *THIS* Is What We’re Up To?! It closes with a freshly inflicted accord of irreparable trauma and emotional damage that lasts forever and is easily mistaken for Someone Else’s Problem.

Holy Shit!: We’re Putting Children in F*cking Cages is for any-gendered people with common sense and decency, which means it’s niche these days, and while the name might be a mouthful, remember: at least you’re not going to sleep in a concentration camp, uncertain if you’ll ever see your family again.

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