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Sharon Stone Is Living Her Best Life, And I Bet It Smells AMAZING

Look, I get that I’m at least a month late to this CBS Sunday Morning interview with Sharon Stone, but in my defense, that’s because I’ve spent the better part of a month thinking about how damn delicious her backyard must smell, and I also get that I’m reeeeeeally stretching it to put this interview on a perfume blog by using the “BUT SHE SMELLS FLOWERS IN IT” argument, but who cares? The world is a flaming nightmare, but somehow Sharon Stone is still managing to live her best life, and I bet it smells AMAZING:

I mean, it’s enough for me that Sharon Stone is Sharon f***ing Stone, but she’s also into preserving Hollywood history, cultivating a stunning garden with a variety of flowers I dream about smelling, and making sartorial decisions that look deliciously comfortable and absolutely flawless. That sweater is one part cable knit, one part chunky turtleneck, possibly three sizes too big (aka, the perfect size), and I’d love one in every color it comes in, please and thank you.

Seriously, if celebrity scents are about all about bottling aspiration lifestyles, how could you not want want Eau de Sharon Stone? It’d smell like Montgomery Clift’s and Elizabeth Taylor’s ghosts having a pool party, the wisdom and confidence that come from being a straight-up survivor, XXL sweater eleganza, and all those breathtaking flowers. Like I said, I bet it would smell AMAAAZING.

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