On Ash Wednesdays, We Talk About Elizabeth Taylor

If you’re anything like me, on Wednesdays, you wear pink, and on Ash Wednesdays, you wear pink while making proclamations about doing something bold, like giving up pizza, which in execution is a half week’s worth of success before you’re off the wagon. Then, whenever anybody asks how it’s going, you find yourself checking your breath to make sure it doesn’t smell like cheap tomato sauce and despair before you answer. My point is that if you’re like me, you’re not going to succeed at giving anything up for Lent, so you might as well give in to doing something positive, like writing a blog post each day, or talking about your exercise plan.

Also, if you’re like me, you like to spend Ash Wednesday thinking about Ash Wednesday, the totally bonkers 1973 Elizabeth Taylor plastic surgery melodrama, because you’ll never get tired of this still:

And since this is a perfume blog (in theory, if not execution), there’s no point admiring Elizabeth Taylor dripping in pearls if we can’t also talk about dripping in diamonds, as she is in this ad for Passion:

While White Diamonds may be Dame Taylor’s most iconic perfume, Passion is her first, and it is a doozy. La Liz is said to have based it upon her most favorite fragrance, Jean Desprez’s Bal à Versailles, and it shows. It’s sweeter and more powdery, yes, but it’s still chockablock full of Oriental spices, balsamic accords, and animalic notes that all all ooze old-school sophistication and glamour with a “u”. Passion is the essence of what it is to be Elizabeth Taylor:

So while Passion may be a celebrity scent, this is celebrity from the golden era of the Hollywood star system–with a healthy dose of 80s excess thrown in for good measure. Why else would the fragrance launch for Passion for Men looks like Elizabeth Taylor is at the ABC upfronts for Aaron Spelling’s Interview With a Vampire?

[via CNN]

Personally speaking, I’ve found Passion to be an education in the best of ways. My opinion of it has shifted with each wear from profound disappointment (I want to like Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion, but I don’t) to polite appreciation (I think I get Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion, but I’m not sure it’s for me) to–most recently–penitent, full-bodied adoration (I really love Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion, and I hope I can be forgiven for the error in my ways). White Diamonds may be the scent my friends pre-selected as my signature, but Passion may well prove to be the Elizabeth Taylor scent I choose for myself.

Besides, since I’m not going to give up perfume for Lent, I might as well spend this Ash Wednesday giving in to Elizabeth Taylor’s perfume genius.


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