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Sheet Cakes for Everyone!: Forty Years of Cacharel’s Perennially Young Anaïs Anaïs

When I was taking a picture of my adorable little bottle of Anaïs Anaïs for the blog and Instagram, a coworker of mine commented, “Oh, my mother used to wear that! It’s a classic!” I’m not sure how I should feel about smelling like someone else’s mother, but Anaïs Anaïs is a classic, so if her mom’s got great taste, who am I to care? If nothing else, it’s probably the only maternal bone I’ve got left in my body, so at least there’s that.

Anyways, as I was saying, Anaïs Anaïs turned 40 this year (somebody give this old broad a ruby and a sheet cake to celebrate!), so I’m not sure what praise there still is to heap upon it. From just one wear, I’ve already gotten everything from white florals to woods, fresh greens and oak moss to soap and powder, plus a rather dry, standoffish note that recalls a lily of the valley whose side-eye is truly devastating. It’s fresh and refreshingly complex, which is particularly appreciated since it was intended as a youth fragrance. Sure, she’s somewhat dated by today’s standards, and the materials are a bit allowance-grade, so to speak, but Anaïs Anaïs is still plenty youthful, and compared to the candygram florals regularly trotted and tarted out to kids these days, this one’s positively Mensa.

Like I said, there ain’t much left to really say about this gem, though before I go I’d like to take a moment to mention the mystifying message found inside it’s packaging:

Sure, I’m as proud to be romantic as the next gal whose understanding of romance is not having been on a date in nearly two years and eating a sheet cake while you watch Sex and the City and ask yourself out loud, “Oh god, am I a Bunny?”, but seriously, what’s a “girlstribu”? Is it like an under-funded tribute that couldn’t even afford all of its letters? An all-girls cover band too punk rock to spell check? The secret password to some kind of white-floral, free-spirited, lady-led Illuminati? The mind wonders (and wanders), y’all, so I could really use some answers, particularly if it means access to some kind of secret club, because I bet the sheet cake there is delicious.

**UPDATE** An eagle-eyed (aka, more adept Google-user) reader and friend of mine has solved the #girlstribu mystery within hours. According to style website

[It’s]… a super fun conceptual campaign around it called GIRLS TRIBU, which is basically an incitation for young, creative girls to come together and celebrate love and romanticism in a naive, bohemian sort of way. Olivia Bee was the creative director for the campaign and I think what she did was pretty amazing!

That’s…fine, I guess, but I was #tbh hoping for more #femalefightclub than #howrevolutionarymorebohochic, and you know their sheet cake is probably terrible.

Much love to Moya for the research!


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