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Here’s an Interview Where Joan Collins Has a New Perfume and No F***s to Give About the Last Few Seasons of Dynasty

In the spirit of Throwback Thursdays, I thought I’d post this old Entertainment Tonight interview I found with Joan Collins promoting her (then) new fragrance, Spectacular. I already knew that she was the face of Revlon’s Scoundrel, but vintage bottles of Scoundrel are stupid expensive for being what’s basically a drugstore fragrance blessed by royalty, plus Spectacular has notes of tuberose,…

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Xtina-Mas Perfume Advent Calendar Day 8, Part Deux: Touch of Seduction and Glam X, The Jewels of Queen Christina’s Crown

On the eighth day of Xtina-mas, I got too impatient to wait for the rest of my presents and decided I wanted to spend Christmas wearing something a little fancier than a Christina Aguilera fragrance, so I gave to me the holiday off from writing because Touch of Seduction and Glam X are the last of ’em ’til the Burlesque perfume Xtina-mas…

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